This was my first time taking care of the girls for a whole weekend–while Lucinda and Russell drove to Cape Cod for a wedding.

It all worked out well, though it seemed strange to be alone with the girls.  I picked them up at school and there was lots of discussion on how we would spend our time.  Our conclusion was “Let’s decide each morning what we will do each day.”  Both girls clearly know the house rules about watching videos, playing at the computer etc.  and there was lengthy discussion about how they could get their allotted ration and when, so that it was “fair”.

They get along remarkably well, especially considering their different ages and interests.  On Sat. morning when Indea was watching a video, Emma and I went next door to ask the neighbors if we could harvest some chestnuts.  The neighbors were not at home, but I decided it would probably be fine with them, as the children are allowed to pick apples from their yard.  The chestnut gathering from very high branches, however, offered some real challenges.  But Emma is determined, and after climbing, via knots in a rope, pulling branches and shaking them with a pole Russell has rigged for putting up Christmas lights, she was successful.  She knows how to follow through on a project.

We made a couple of trips to the playground, which they love.  Both girls are very physical and well-coordinated.  Emma seeks out friends who seem as enthused as she in wild swinging and climbing.

Sunday we got involved in chores such as putting away clean laundry in an orderly fashion.  Indea spent a couple of hours cleaning our her guinea pig’s cage–actually scrubbing it with soap and water.  They also helped me to store newly-canned jars of tomatoes in the pantry–they figured out an assembly line to accomplish this task.

Indea’s love of singing and her interest in making up melodies is remarkable.  She sings slow partial scales, such as fa-mi-re-do, repeats them, then varies the melody with big skips.  It’s always tonal, and expressive.  Innate musicality.

I bought them each a toy at the Five Below store that they played with for hours on Sat. aft. and Sun. morning–a plastic rod that creates an electric field in which you can manipulate very light foil shapes.  Emma also helped Indea dress up as a queen, which inspired I. to dance and sashay, with me as the audience. They played together well.  They get into tiffs and arguments, but I also saw laughter and pleasure and even occasional hugging.

It is so nice to spend time with them and get to know them even better

Sep 23 2011 Gramma for the weekend

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Our big family summer vacation this year was to Mexico, south of Cancun.

Wednesday August 24

We flew to Houston and made an easy connection to Cancun. It was dusk when we got our rental car, a stripped-down VW, and made the short easy drive south from Cancun. Driving was easy – just watch out for the topes (speed bumps) which are easy to miss and unexpected on a highway. By the time we arrived at our hotel, Posada el Moro, it was dark. A dozen men hung out on the front patio of the hotel. We checked in to our large, excellent room and went right out to get dinner. Indea was starving, hot, tired, and miserable. Emma was enjoying all the differences, the palms and cacti, brushing our teeth with bottled water, everyone speaking Spanish. The girls had pizza and Russell and I had fajitas at a so-so little place up the block, open to the humidity and a few mosquitos. Then back to the room for a long comfortable air-conditioned sleep, despite the howls of the many dogs (the view is of neighboring roofs from a hotel window).


The hotel was near perfect for us. It’s mid-class – top of the Mexican and well below the resorts. It has great character and super-nice owners. There’s a small pool and wifi (intermittently) in the lobby.


There’s a small restaurant that mainly serves the included continental breakfast. Our room was on the top floor, at the front of the hotel a block off the ocean, with a nice balcony with 2 Adirondack chairs (the Mexican versions), a dining table, couch, a huge walk-in closet, bath with a shower, and a kitchenette. It had a small fridge, 2-burner hot plate, a sink, and a microwave that didn’t work. It’s a half-block from the square. It was quiet except for the Karaoke across the street on Saturday night.


Puerto Morelos is a 10-15,00 population town but it feels much smaller. The main square has the ocean on one side and low stores and restaurants on the other three sides. The middle is mostly open with a playground and ball court. The main street is Av. Javier Rojo Gomez, where our hotel is located.


There are many empty lots and run-down buildings as well as some nicer ones. Further North, on the beach there are condos then resorts. The beach is perfect Caribbean white sand and blue water.


Thursday August 25

We woke slowly to bright sun and roosters crowing. The shower was barely hot and barely flowed, but it was pleasant nonetheless. Downstairs, our included continental breakfast consisted of a small plate of fruit slices, 2 pieces of wheat toast with Nutella and juice and coffee.


After breakfast we walked around town, put our toes in the sand, browsed in a few of the many shops.


We bought the girls dresses and silver bracelets. Indea was having a very hard time and finally broke down crying. We stopped and got her somewhat settled. She had extraordinarily difficulty adjusting.

We had an outstanding lunch on the square at the Casa del Pescatore then went back to the room for a siesta. After resting the girls and I went down to check out the hotel’s small pool. The water was chilly, compared with the ocean, so Emma left quickly. I was being eaten by mosquitoes, and Indea’s stomach hurt so the two of us headed up soon after. But we didn’t make it to the room before Indea threw up all over the (thankfully outdoor, tiled) hall. And our bathroom sink. Yuck! Poor thing.

That put a crimp in our plans and we ended up relaxing in the room again and having pasta that Russell found in a convenience store, cooked in our room. After dinner we walked around town and found the real (still tiny) grocery store and stocked up. We had terrible ice cream a couple of doors down from the hotel, and went to bed.

Friday August 26

At breakfast the next morning we met our new friends Carolyn, Ed, Sam (4), and Lucia (1 1/2) – from, of all places, Riverdale (where my Mom lives)!

At 9a we were on the dock for a snorkeling trip on the reef, about half a miles offshore. We ended up in a boat with Lung’s – funny coincidence. The coral and fish were great – we saw a barracuda, sea urchins, a baby lobster, and got to hold a starfish, in addition to lots of fish and beautiful coral.



When we got back, Indea didn’t want to go out to lunch so Russell went by himself while I made her pasta in the room again. Then I took Emma out for an amazing taco lunch at a tiny place, 3-4 tables, intermingled with the kitchen, 1 guy.


About 35 kinds of tacos on the menu. We ordered lemonade, and very specific tacos (vegan for me!). He brought chips and very hot sauce. I asked if he had something not spicy for Emma. We went back and forth “Jalepenos?” “No”. Then nothing happened.  He made the lemonade from scratch – cut the lemons etc. It was the bet I’ve ever had in my life! Emma watched him carefully – he blended entire limes in the water and used a palm sugar syrup, we’ll try it at home. Once he’d finished the lemonade (they call it that even though it’s made with limes) he started cutting tomatoes and onions, and enlisted the woman from the stall next door to help. Emma did some palm tree research while we waited.


After a long while he brought over a huge dish of freshly made pico de gallo, totally delicious. Then he got started on the tacos, cutting the vegetables and Emma’s steak. They were amazing.


End to end it took an hour and a half. We were the only ones there. It cost $12.

We took a walk around town, looked in the church, which is fittingly opposite the beach on the main square:


And bought some groceries (we skipped the squirrel food granola).


Then we went down to the water and let its warmth lap over our toes, buried in the powdered-sugar sand. Standing there I realized how perfect it was, soft breeze and bright sun. I told Emma “This is where we should be,” and she replied “Every day for at least 5 days!”


Meanwhile Russell had napped and Indea watched a movie. We managed to get to the beach with new masks from a dive shop up the block, and rented chairs and an umbrella for 150 pesos. Victory! Indea screamed “We are having an awesome time!” from the water. (We hoped that was the tide turning, but it turned out to take a while longer.)


We went to the taco place again for dinner and, other than being eaten alive by mosquitoes had another excellent meal. Then we found great ice cream at another place across the square.

Saturday August 27

Saturday was our big day. We got up relatively early and had breakfast at the hotel. We took a short drive to Xcaret, a very well-executed (and expensive – one day cost more than 10 day’s hotel) theme park. The marketing is cheesy but the place is really great. It’s a combination of beach, zoo, underground rivers, and entertainment. Even the parking area is like a nature preserve, with huge iguanas everywhere (this one’s on a trash can).


We started with the girls swimming with dolphins. They both loved it. It was very well done, and they got to be kissed, the dolphin put her nose to their hands, swam circles around them, jumped over them, splashed and talked on command, and swam by to be touched.



Then we has a good, typical big hotel buffet. It was a welcome shift from local Mexican food, and we had the most delicious mango I’ve had in my life.

We then looked for the “greased pole” – if you can grab the flag off the top you win a prize, and Emma had her eye on that prize. It turned out to be 2-3 only, and it wasn’t yet 2, so Russell sat by the beach while the girls and I took an unintentionally long walk. We meant to just see the turtles, which were impressive. At first we just saw a small pond with about 20 foot-long babies and I thought “oh, this is cheesy after all.” Then we realized that there was a huge pond/small lake with more than a dozen meter-plus long adults. And many more pools of babies. We then tripped on similar displays of crocodiles, a tapir, a pools of sharks (and people swimming with them!) and a great small aquarium. The place is so big that we never managed to get back to really go through the aquarium. At that point we were moving fast because I was worried that we’d miss the pole climb. We finally made it back with 10 minutes to spare. There was a group of about 5 young men who couldn’t get more than a foot off the ground. Emma, of course, zipped right to the top.


I was confused about whether she was supposed to bring the flag down or not, told her not to, then realized when she was halfway down that she was supposed to – so she just went up again and got it! As the short, round official described to the woman at the concession where Emma traded the flag for a hat, she went “zip zip zip!” They thought it was hilarious and said she was the first girl ever to do it. When we walked back past it a teenage boy was failing to get off the ground. If Emma was wearing a jacket her buttons would have burst.


After the heat of our walk and the climb, we hung out at the beach for a while and the girls swam. There are iguanas everywhere in the yucatan, like pigeons in NYC. The day was getting away from us and we hadn’t yet done the main event – the river swim. There are many natural underground rivers in the Yucatan, but this one was mostly man-made. Nonetheless, it was a great trip. You don snorkeling gear and a life vest and swim for about 45 minutes through underground passages, caverns, and gorges. It was chilly but fun.




The girls were starving when we were done, we were at the far end of the park, and we had a while still before dinner. So we stopped and had a quick snack at the beach, with more iguana’s stalking the girls’ popcorn. Then we took the long walk back again.

We had paid for the “plus” tickets that gave us towels and a special area with lockers and changing rooms. The building that houses the lockers is an upwards spiral, like a conch shell. Each stall and changing room is separate, off of an external spiralling ramp. The washrooms have sinks with embedded shells and conch spigots. It’s really cool and beautifully done.


Then, the last event of the day is an amazing show of Mexican music and dancing. We bought dinner in order to have great seats without waiting, and that worked well – we were front row center. The show was a bit long but otherwise extraordinarily good. It started with bits of Mexico’s history – the Mayan ball game – including a version with a real burning ball! - and the story of Mexico’s colonization and evangelization by the Spanish.


Then a long series of indigenous dances were represented. Complete with horses, and terrific singing.


Emma gave out before the show finished, and we got home quite late.


Sunday August 28

Another slow day after our late night, exacerbated by the questionable weather. Indea was extremely unhappy that Emma got a traditional Mexican dress while hers wasn’t, so Russell took her out to get another one. He came back with an adorable hand-made tube dress (in the next few photos) and traditional headbands.

In the afternoon, just to do something, we headed to Cancun. We went to the very small but nice aquarium (in, of all places, a shopping mall). The girls got to touch a sting ray and there was a good short about sharks.


We then found a small Mayan ruin nestled between two giant resorts.


(For the sake of completeness – here’s what was happening when I first tried to take this picture, and for much of the vacation…)


Then went to central Cancun, away from the resorts, for dinner at Rolandi’s. The food was solid Italian, with a brick oven for pizza, but we were eaten alive by mosquitos so made it quick. The girls enjoyed a kitten and the lizards playing in the vines behind and above us. In the car I started a shaggy dog story to entertain them about a king and queen adopting a princess through the Royal Adoption Agency, which they enjoyed well beyond its quality. Back in Puerto Morelos we had ice cream and went to bed.

Monday August 29

Yet another slow morning, but Emma finished a friendship bracelet I’d been asking for all summer and I managed to work out and go for a swim while Russell took the girls to playground and for morning ice cream.


We then had lunch at El Pirata on the square, because they have very kid-friendly food and bought buckets and an inflatable tube next door.

Russell went diving on the reef while we went to the beach.



After a dinner of leftovers and pasta in our room, Indea and I went to the square to run around and dance.


We also picked up some groceries, including apple juice – which the girls were tickled to discover is opaque.


Tuesday August 30

Finally, an early morning. I got up and watched the sun rise while I ran.


We went back to El Pirata for pancakes and french toast for breakfast (which Indea barely touched. Ahhhh! The entire reason we went was to get a good breakfast in her.) Russell and I both had huevos rancheros which didn’t hold a candle to what we’d had near Uxmal 15 years ago.

We then drove about an hour and a half to Tulum. In the middle of the drive we went through a driving rainstorm – it was blue before and after. Unlike the other sites we have visited, there are lots of tourist shops and restaurants at Tulum – including 5 peso bathrooms at the entrance. It is close to the resorts and handles more vistors than any other site in the country. The visit didn’t start well as Indea had a fit about her socks in the parking lot that took about half an hour to resolve. Then Tulum was, unfortunately, very disappointing. It has the reputation of being crowded but it wasn’t when we were there. But it hadn’t occurred to us that the ruins would all be behind ropes! At all of the other sites we had visited you are allowed to climb on the ruins. For the girls, 80% of the fun would have been climbing. Plus, it was hot. Ugh. But it is beautiful.



Everyone enjoyed the iguanas too. Plus, the (free, official) bathrooms are nice.


Luckily the Rough Guide had suggested a visit to the beaches south of Tulum. We went to the Ana Y Jose beach club to see, and it made the day. We had a so-so lunch on an absolutely gorgeous, mostly empty beach. The girls jumped on the club’s trampoline while we waited for our food, then we moved to beach chairs. We decided to pass on the 4-poster beds.


This was an amazing comeback – Indea was in rare form. We passed an amazing beach on the way to the club and Indea said “Wow, amazing, a giant bunch of water,” in a perfect sarcastic tone. Sheesh. But once we ate and were on this beach, she had a great time.


We drove back to Puerto Morelos, and I was amazed and thrilled that my iPhone connected to the stereo in our low-end (e.g. manual windows) VW. We had dinner at the Pelican, a slightly nicer restaurant on the beach, because there’s a breeze and we were hoping to miss the mosquitoes.

While we finished Emma went by herself and got ice cream; one of the best things about this town is that it is extremely safe. The we did some grocery shopping and returned to air conditioning and bed.

Wednesday August 31

I woke slightly later and decided that my aching legs wanted a break from running, so I went and did yoga on beach instead. It was already looking like our first crummy day. We had breakfast in our room and got off at a very relaxed pace. We visited Crococun Zoo, which we thought would be small and terrible but is only 5 minutes away. It turned out to be terrific. It’s called “interactive” and it really is. You are accompanied in a small group by a guide because many of the animals are free-ranging and you can feed and touch them. The girls were most taken by a spider monkey who insisted on sitting on two of our party’s heads. They have a real problem with monkeys from the jungle coming into the zoo because the zoo inhabitants (who could leave at any time) have it so good. There are also many many crocodiles, including a main area that you walk through without any fence between you and the crocs (you’re not in the U.S. anymore!).


We got to hold a baby croc, a boa constrictor, and touch a lizard and be kissed by a parrot. It started to pour just as we finished our tour.



We had lunch at the tacos place again, and I told the guy that he makes the best lemonade in Mexico. That resulted in him making another batch for us! Unfortunately, the day continued to be rainy. But it wasn’t very humid and we just hung out in the room with all the doors open and enjoyed the beach. Finally we got up and took a walk around town. Locals were fishing off the pier for dinner, with pelicans to keep them company.


We went to Tony Lau’s for a pretty bad Chinese dinner.


While we waited for our food the girls went to the playground. Funny to see them not know how to play on an old-fashioned high see-saw.


After dinner we went back to the water and the girls did some dancing. We got ice cream at a new place, 2 pesos less than across the square, but it was pretty bad. None of us even finished a small cup!

Thursday Sept 1

On our last day Russell went conote diving early in the morning. The girls and I got a slow start. The day was rainy, windy, and hot, plus I had a grumbly stomach that mercifully cleared up, so there wasn’t much reason to get going. We read in bed until almost 10! Emma packed. We then tried to find Mama’s bakery, which was in our guidebook, but there was no sign of it. So, sick to death of eating out, we went to the grocery store and ate in our room instead. Emma worked on her summer math packet, Indea played solitaire, I wrote this post, and we waited for Russell to return.

When he did, Emma and I went to the beach and he stayed back with Indea. It was grey and extremely windy – whipping the fine sand into us and churning the sand and sea grass into the water.  The water was much cooler than normal. Emma made a sand castle and headed back to the hotel. I stayed a while then joined them at the hotel.


We finally connected with our new friends the Lung’s and went to Gauchos for dinner. The food and the company were terrific, except that Ed had to take Lucia, who is 1½, back to their room before he even got to eat. She hadn’t had a nap and, it turned out, had swimmer’s ear, so she was miserable. Indea also was unusually unhappy, being eaten my mosquitos.


Usually then descend for 15 minutes or so then disappear, but they were dogging her. We turned in relatively early, fully packed and ready to go. Indea had a very hard time falling asleep, she was too itchy.

Friday September 2

Headed home! I got up very early after a very tough night. It turned out that Indea had something like 50 mosquito bites – 25 on just one foot – and was awake for over an hour in the middle of the night. The poor girl was understandably miserable. It wa a bit cooler, and very windy. I took my last sunrise run.


Then everyone got up and off at about 10, to the Cancun airport in plenty of time, and through security. But not without incident – they confiscated Russell’s hot sauces and Emma had inadvertently brought a… KNIFE with her. Glad we were in Mexico and not the Mideast.

The flight was long – Emma was having a hormonal morning (unexplainable crying jags) and Indea was miserable – tired and itchy. To make matters worse, there was some weather and we missed our connection in Houston. After a performance at Customer Service we were given a night at the DoubleTree and food vouchers by Continental (thanks to my Eisenhower trips to China last year I have Silver status). Indea was instantly in a better mood once in familiar surroundings and with the warm chocolate chip cookies we were given at check-in. We had a bad dinner and turned in at a semi-decent hour.

Saturday September 3

On our bonus day we decided to splurge and get room service for breakfast in bed – the girls loved it. Clearly, Indea is more of a nice hotel kind of girl.


We got to the airport early, managed to get seats together (the girls and I at the bulkhead and Russell in the last row of 1st class), and were home by dinner time!

Random Observations

Russell loves the tropics, the ocean, diving etc. Emma did too. Indea and I don’t enjoy the suppressive heat, which doesn’t seem to bother Russell or Emma at all.

While Emma often has such difficulty with transitions, she was instantly and completely fine here.

Indea had a hard time settling into the place and the routine and never really enjoyed it, although there were some moments that she loved. The almost back-to-back trips to Maryland, NY, Cape Cod, and Mexico were too much for her, although just a couple of days more between them would have fixed that.

Ten days is a lot of time without other kids.

The pace is slow. Kids go to school early, and workmen get started before 8, but not much opens until later in the afternoon, and most things stay up late.

Puerto Morelos is charming. The beaches are great. It’s extremely safe. Being in one place for so long was great for getting to know locals. But there wasn’t enough to do and the food got monotonous, especially for me. Indea didn’t like much of it. 5-6 days would have been plenty here.

Sep 4 2011 Mexico

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I started with the grand intention of posting daily. That lasted a day. So, here, to the best of my recollection (and some iPhone photos) is the rest of our trip. Overall, it was great. The weather wasn’t perfect but could have been much worse. We missed Russell.


A little cold cloudy windy cold weather wasn’t going to keep us off the beach. Indea was ready in her wet suit and solar jewelry.


We have the systems down after all of these years: backpack chairs, shovels and nets, buckets.


It’s always fun to see the minnows and crabs!


And, on a day like that, to have the beach mostly (brrrr) to ourselves.


Then we queued up for our first raspberry pie at Merion’s. Although the girls loved it, I found the pies this year disappointing – I’m convinced they changed the recipe, probably eliminating the lard.



Finally a perfect beach day! So, we spent it on the beach. All day.


Emma buried Indea and made her a mermaid tail of sand. Repeatedly. Indea fished. They both dug holes. Emma floated around the point on her boogie board. I read. It was great.


On Thursday we got up early for the girls’ surf lesson with Ryan at Head of the Meadow Beach. Emma got up every time and loved it, although she mostly fell right off. Indea elected, after having been pounded at her first lesson the year before last, to spend the entire lesson laying on her board, but she got the sense of catching the waves and said that she’s going to stand up next year. I’d love to get boards for them so they could do it all the time by themselves, with a lesson every now and then.


They had such a good time and it was so beautiful that we hung out for a long while before running down to see Nic at his shack in Truro. We met his sister Becca, her boyfriend and Nic’s nephew Ash and niece Margot. We all went to Mac’s on the Dock in Wellfleet for a very enjoyable lunch. The day was slipping away, and we wanted to get to Coast Guard Beach to meet up with the Sissells before the other families joined us for the (almost) annual bonfire. The girls had a great time playing and Sonia and I got to talk, and haul some wood.


The highlight of every trip is our bonfire on the beach. Earl and Sonia had arrived to wait on line at 5:30a! This year we were joined by two families from Media who happened to be on the Cape at the same time. We hung out, roasted hot dogs, corn, marshmallows for smores and Sonia’s banana/peanut butter/chocolate concoctions. Although it wasn’t our traditional event – we missed Russell – everyone had a ball. (Until Emma crashed and cried her way back to the car.)



Not surprisingly, we got started a little late the next morning. We had brunch at HangerB, which took forever and the girls didn’t like that much. Russell will love it.


Then, since they day before had been such a blast we headed back to the National Seashore. Unfortunately, I forgot the wetsuits! Critical item! We went home, got them and went back again.


The waves weren’t so great, which was okay because we had to get back to the cottage in time to eat and head to the band concert! Emma elected to stay in the cottage. Indea dressed up and danced!



On Saturday the weather was questionable again, and the girls had had enough beach, so we decided to go into town. It turned beautiful but we stuck to our plan. We started with a picnic at the playground, which looked very small for the first time and didn’t entertain them for long. Then the girls had a great half hour spending about $2.50 each at Candy Manor. Emma bought Indea a chocolate shell with chocolate pebbles around it. We sat in the park and ate some candy. Emma got, among many things, Toxic Waste. They’re very sour:



After our visit to Candy Manor, we walked back down the hill and stopped at Ben Franklin’s and I bought each girl an activity book for our upcoming trip to Mexico.


Magical Horses was so popular that they spent the entire afternoon on it. I forced a bike ride (which was exhausting!) before a random dinner at home.



On Sunday, we got up, finished packing, and cleaned the cottage. Then we took another bike ride to get some movement before the long car ride. We put the bikes on the car and headed to Harwich. Our last stop on the Cape was at Bonatt’s, for metlaways and breakfast.


The drive home was horrible. NEVER AGAIN ON A SUNDAY! It took just over an hour to get off of the Cape. We sailed until Providence. Then sat all the way until we could cut over to the Merritt Parkway. We go to Saddlebrook at 6 – 6 hours for a 4 hour drive. Russell, meanwhile, got caught in terrible rain and shore traffic and didn’t arrive to finish the trip with the girls until 7 (I stayed over to work on Monday.)

Despite the rough finish, it was a great trip!

Aug 22 2011 Cape Cod Part II

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Emma, Indea, and I are at the Cape this year without our usual supporting cast. Russell stayed at home to finish building his first iOS app. Gramma and Sandy went much earlier in the year, and we’ve missed the rest of the family as well. We are here at the same time as the Sissells and two families from Earl’s school.

We’re in a tiny cottage a stone’s throw from Marion’s Pies. It’s perfect for the three of us.



It’s a Sunday-Sunday rental, which was great driving up (although the traffic going the other way looked horrible). It poured the whole drive, until we got onto the Cape.

Unfortunately, it rained the first day here too, often coming down in sheets. We made the best of it though. We:

Had breakfast at Larry’s PX


Went grocery shopping

Watched Mulan (thank goodness, the girls decided to do that after having worn me down to the point where I’d agreed to take them to see the Smurfs)

Had lobster at Arnold’s (what Emma took when I asked her to take a picture of Indea and me with the lobsters)

[trying to get video loaded]

Shopped at Nauset Sports


At ice cream at the School House


The girls were great all day, with just very minor squabbles. We managed to have fun!


I can’t imagine that’s going to hold up for many more rain days. Fingers crossed!

Aug 16 2011 Cape Cod

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When I’m on the road and see interesting things I often will email a photo to my girls. Indea loves getting email although she checks them infrequently. Today I got a barrage. My favorite was in response to this picture of dolphins playing in the wake of a boat I was in that I sent from Florida a few weeks ago:


Indea said:

wow the dolphines look cheerful, playful, funny, and active all at the same time and I mean it. oh and I’m sorry this email came late, you now why it’s becaus I forgot to check my email and I have a lot of emails  from you so they will all come to you after this one. Are you exited for the trip well I am anyway let me now if you are. your a fruit cake.

May 27 2011 Indea emails

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Indea says: I love the day because I can do all sorts of fun things, but I love the night too because I can imagine all sorts of things that can’t happen in real life.

May 24 2011 NIghttime

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First baby teeth in…

2002-05-18 at 15-22-40.jpg

First baby tooth out..

2006-05-08 at 18-12-56.jpg

Last baby tooth out..

2011-04-07 at 20-49-31.jpg

Apr 12 2011 Baby teeth

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Indea: You know, every day you don’t do something is a waste of your life.

Mom: That’s true, what do you think about that?

Indea: i think it’s not fair

Mom: Why?

Indea: Because a lot of times mothers don’t give you suggestions of what to do.

Emma: Good one!

Indea: That’s true to me. Mommy, give me a suggestion.

Apr 2 2011 Philosophical

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Dec 30 2010 2010 in review

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2010-12-27 at 12-02-39.jpg

Dec 29 2010 Post-xmas blues

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